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TRP Compact Parking Cooler Mercedes Actros MP3
Compact Parking Cooler Mercedes Actros MP3

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TRP Compact Parking Cooler Mercedes Actros MP3

Brand: TRP
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Battery damage prevention
Easy mounting
Not possible to mount at an angle
Possible adjustments needed to the roof spoiler

The Compact of TRP uses electrical power to function. As a no-idle electrical system the Compact will help cut fuel expenses and reduce CO2 emissions.

This TRP SlimCool is specially designed for the Mercedes Actros MP3 from 2007 to 2012. Please use the dropdown to select the right type for your cabin. The mounting frame fits like it came out of the factory as it’s not an universal fit.

The Compact system is the perfect solution for overnight rest in the truck cabin and can also be used to maintain a comfortable environment inside the cabin during loading and unloading operations as well as compulsory stoppage periods.

The unit is directly powered from the battery of the truck which makes it a perfect feature for trucks which has to be able to get cooled during resting hours without the engine idling. This is a great fuel saving solution, which complies with less pollution the truck produces, because it isn’t running.

User tips

  • Switch ON the unit 10 to 20 minutes before the vehicle is stopped (the air conditioning of the vehicle must be kept switched ON)
  • Close the curtains immediately after stopping the vehicle, to keep most of the cold air inside the cabin
  • Advisable to keep the Air Condition Unit while using in the CA-mode, which is the automatic mode
  • Keep the windows shut
  • Do not face the cabin to the sun


  • The battery is protected from discharging too far with a build-in protection system.
  • Easy mounting with no need to drill holes in the roof.


  • Because of the compressors, this SlimCool cannot be mounted at an angle.
  • Due to relatively large measurements it's possible that it's needed to modify the roof spoiler
  • The TRP Compact is quite heavy compared to the competitors (29.9 KG)
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Battery consumption at 24V: 10.5 - 18 Ah
Dimensions: 826 x 726 x 179 mm
Weight: 29.9 kg
Compressor: 2 compressors, conventional
Power supply: 24V/DC
Performance: 1400 watt
Air flow: 800 m3/h
Airco system: System pre-charged, ready for use
Gas type: R134a
Unit maintenance: None