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Any complaints with regard to goods delivered by us as well as with regard to invoice amountsmust be submitted in writing to us within 8 working days from receipt of the goods, respectively from receipt
of the invoice, including precise statement of the facts to which the complaint relates. In the absence of a report the other party will bedeemed to have approved and accepted the delivered goods without any reservation. The right to complaint lapses through the (continued) use of the delivered goods.

If it is not reasonably possible to discover the defect within the aforesaid period, then the other party must complain to us in writing within 8 working days after the other party has discovered  the defect or should have discovered this. With regard to defects which are discovered after the expiry of the guarantee period, and in case of uncertainty regarding this, after the passing of one year from delivery, complaints can no longer be made.

Minor, or deviations usual in the sector, and differences in quality, number, measurement or finish, as well as differences in the execution of the work, can not form any basis for complaints. Complaints with regard to specified products or with regard to specified work do not affect the obligation of the other party with
regard to other products or parts of the agreement.

The products complained about can only be returned when we have agreed to this in writing. Products which are tailor-made by us on request of the other party cannot be returned, unless we agree to this in writing. We retain the right to charge return costs to the other party.

Complaints with regard to defects are not accepted if the products have been processed, or if these defects are not reported within the aforesaid periods.

We will be given the opportunity after the complaint to inspect the products, for which the other party will provide full cooperation. It is not possible to complain with regard to products which cannot be inspected by us.

The other party cannot enforce any claim against us with regard to complaints about defects of products as long as the other party has not yet fulfilled any obligation towards us, also if this obligation is not directly related thereto.

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