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What is a parking cooler?

A parking cooler(also known as roof air conditioner or parking air conditioner) is an addition to the existing air conditioning system of a truck. Parking coolers / roof air conditioners are used to keep the cabin of a truck at the right temperature when it standing still, for example on parking spaces. Standard air conditioners work separately from a truck's engine. This means that the engine does not have to run to use the parking cooler. Parking coolers run on the electrical system of a truck and on the truck's batteries. This saves a lot of fuel and is better for the environment.

Everything about parkingcoolers

Why do you need a parking cooler?

A truck driver works long days everyone knows that it is important that truck drivers has a good night of sleep. Research has shown that the ideal sleeping temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. 

For drivers who need to rest at night, but also during the day (when having breaks), it is of course important that they sleep well and make sure that they are well rested. This will make them fitter and more focused. This increases road safety.

In addition, Parking Coolers increases comfort in the truck and reduces fuel costs. This makes it a very attractive investment. 



Is a parking cooler mandatory?

In the Netherlands, it has been compulsory since 2021 for all new trucks sold to be fitted with a standard air conditioner. This is laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement of Transport and Logistics Netherlands (TLN). According to the CLA, the driver must be able to stay in a comfortable temperature, even when the engine is off.

It is not yet compulsory for trucks manufactured before 2021 to be fitted with a standard air conditioning system. However, it is expected that an obligation will be introduced in the medium term in which stand air conditioning will also be compulsory for trucks manufactured before the year 2021.


How does a parking cooler work on a truck?

It is important to note that a parking cooler is a supplement to a truck's air-conditioning system. To get the most out of the parking cooler, the cabin must be brought up to the right temperature beforehand. Do you want to sleep at a temperature of 21 degrees? Make sure that the cabin temperature is about 21 degrees before turning off the truck's air conditioning. As soon as the air conditioner is turned off, turn on the parking cooler. The function of a parking cooler is to maintain the temperature. It is not possible for the parking cooler to cool the cabin any further; they are simply not powerful enough for that.

A parking cooler draws the warm air from the cabin and expels it outside. It then draws in outside air and brings it up to the right temperature before blowing it back into the cabin.


A parking coolers always operates separately from the truck combustion engine. This means that the  engine does not have to keep running when the vehicle is stationary. Parking coolers work entirely electrically on the truck's batteries.

Using a parking cooler instead of the traditional air conditioning system (with the engine idling) saves 264 litres of diesel a month!

Later in this article, we calculate how quickly the investment of a stationary air conditioner pays for itself.

Watch the video below on how a stationary air conditioner works in a truck


What are the advantages of a parking cooler?

A standard air conditioner has several advantages:

  • It is more comfortable for the driver. A better night's sleep ensures better alertness. This benefits road safety.
  • Huge savings on fuel costs.
  • Better for the environment.
  • Good employer; it is quite difficult to find good staff at the moment. Standard air conditioners make it attractive for employees to come and work for your company.
  • Various subsidies make the purchase of a standard air conditioner very attractive.


What are the best Parking Cooler brands?

There are several brands of stationary air conditioners on the market. is a supplier of VIESA and Dometic parkgincoolers.

  • Viesa parking coolers

Viesa is the market leader in the field of stationary air conditioners. The VIESA KOMPRESSOR III is the flagship. This standard air conditioner is produced in Italy with high quality materials. This type of standard air conditioner is quiet, takes up little interior space and can even be installed on sloping roofs. In addition, VIESA standard air conditioners are energy-efficient and very reliable.

View all our Viesa parkingcoolers

  • Dometic parking coolers

Dometic stationary air conditioners are never a bad choice. They are also quiet and energy-efficient. However, they are heavier than VIESA stationary air conditioners and cannot be installed on all sloping roofs.

View all our Dometic parkingcoolers


How do I install a parking cooler?

A parking cooler is quite easy to install on a truck or camper. Mounting and fixing materials are supplied with all roof air conditioners. The roof air conditioners can also be installed over the roof hatch of a truck.  A roof air conditioner can also be fitted to trucks with a sloping roof (Volvo FH5, for example).
The standard air conditioner must then be connected to the truck's electrical system.
Many garages have the knowledge and tools to carry out this work.
We can also take care of the installation in our workshops.

Contact us about the installation of your parking air conditioner


Parking coolers for trucks

Parking coolers can be fitted to trucks. Standard air conditioners supplied by are always supplied with an assembly manual and assembly materials.
Parking coolers can also be installed on trucks with sloping roofs. The Viesa roof air conditioners are exceptionally well suited for this purpose due to their special design.

View our complete range of parking coolers for trucks

Parking coolers

Parking coolers for motorhomes

Standard air conditioners can also be fitted to motorhomes. They are often mounted over the top skylight or roof hatch (just as in trucks). 

View our complete range of stationary air conditioners for motorhomes


A parking cooler is a great investment

By using a parking cooler a truck's engine does not have to idle at night. This saves an enormous amount of fuel. Given the high fuel prices of recent times, a stationary air conditioner pays for itself very quickly.

When idling, a truck engine consumes about 1.5 litres of diesel per hour. A driver's night's rest lasts 8 hours. On average, a driver drives 22 days a month.
The current diesel price is on average €1.98.
The cheapest parking cooler (excluding installation) costs €1.349,95.
So a parking cooler pays for itself within 3 months!

The calculation

8 x 22= 176 hours in the month. 1.5 litres are consumed per hour. This means that 264 litres of diesel are used per month to keep the engine idling.
This costs €522.72 per month. If we divide the purchase price by the monthly costs, a parking cooler will pay for itself within 3 months!

High fuel prices


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