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Volvo Parking Coolers

Volvo Parking Coolers

Are you looking for a roof air conditioner for your Volvo truck? Then you have come to the right place with us. We have different parking coolers available for the models below. This also applies to the FH4, FH5 and FM5, despite the angled roof.
Volvo Parking Coolers

Parking coolers for Volvo trucks. specialises in offering roof air conditioners/Parking coolers for Volvo trucks. We have rooftop air conditioning systems in stock for all Volvo models. Also for the different types of Volvo cabins we have mounting kits available.


Standard air conditioning for all Volvo models

We have a standard air conditioning unit available for the following Volvo models:

How to mount a parking cooler on a Volvo truck?

Mounting a parking coolers is a fairly simple task. The corresponding mounting kit can be purchased with every stationary air conditioner sold. The Parking coolersfit the various cabin types of Volvo. For example, mounting kits are available for Volvo Day Cab low, Volvo Day Cab, Volvo Sleeper Cab low, Volvo Sleeper Cab, Volvo Globetrotter.


What is a parking coolers?

parking coolers (also known as a roof air conditioner or parking air conditioner) is used to keep the cabin of a truck at the right temperature when it is stationary.  Parking coolers work on the electrical system of a truck and run on the truck's batteries. This saves a lot on fuel costs.


About Volvo Trucks

Volvo trucks was founded in 1928 and sells 190,000 trucks annually. It is the 2thelargest manufacturer of trucks in the world. The most popular Volvo model is the Volvo FH.


About Parkingcoolers

Thanks to our competitive prices and very fast delivery, we are the largest online supplier of parking coolers. We have a parking coolers for each model in stock.

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