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Volvo FH4 Parking Coolers

Volvo FH4 Parking Coolers

The Volvo FH4 has a skylight that is placed quite far forward. This means that the angle of the skylight is too large for most roof parking coolers. Only the Kompressor III from VIESA is suitable.

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Parking coolers for Volvo FH4 trucks. is specialised in the sale of parking coolers for Volvo FH4 trucks.

We have parking cooler available for all the Volvo FH4 models

  • Volvo FH4 Low Sleeper Cab (2012-2021)
  • Volvo FH4 Sleeper Cab (2012-2021)
  • Volvo FH4 Globetrotter (2012-2021)
  • Volvo FH4 Globetrotter XL (2012-2021)

The roof air conditioners can be fitted both to the Volvo FH4 trucks with automatic opening roof hatches and to the models with manual opening roof hatches.

trucks with automatic opening rooflights as well as on the models where the rooflight can be opened manually.


How to mount a parking cooler for Volvo FH4?

Mounting a parking cooler is a fairly simple task. The corresponding mounting kit can be purchased with each sold stand air conditioner. The stand air conditioners fit all models and types of cabin of the Volvo FH4 series.


Instalment cost parking cooler for Volvo FH4

The mounting costs of a standard air conditioner on a Volvo FH4 is €250,00.

We can fit parking lot air conditioners at our facility in Nijmegen and Tilburg

Parking coolers for all Volvo truck models

We offer parking coolers for the following Volvo trucks.